(GFS Stickers to kids on their folders as they register)

Download Stickers (1 MB)

Shlokas BG Chapter (12.1-10)
(BG Shlokas – Chapter 12 First 10 shlokas)

Download Shlokas BG Chapter (12.1-10) (398 KB)


Patram Pushpam Crossword and solution
(Crossword Puzzles – Patram Pushpam Shloka)

Download Patram Pushpam Crossword and solution (20 KB)


Matsya Avatar Crossword and solution
(Crossword Puzzles – Matsya Avatar story)

Download Matsya Avatar Crossword and solution (30 KB)


GFS sticker for dress
(GFS Stickers for dress during stage performances so that these kids can be differentiated)

Download GFS sticker for dress (3 MB)

GFS Promotion during Events-flyers-front-back
(GFS flyers/hand out before pamphlet was developed to be used during events)

Download GFS Promotion during Events-flyers-front-back (208 KB)


GFS Pamphlet
(GFS Pamphlet to inspire other centers in terms of ideas/design)

Download GFS Pamphlet (670 KB)