Festivals and Camp Materials

Festival and Camp Materials

Balaram Jayanti

Balarāma gives us the strength to carry out Kṛṣṇa’s instructions and to carry out the spiritual masters instruction’s. Write a prayer to Lord Balarāma asking for spiritual strength.

Gaura Purnima

Govardhan Puja

Narasimha Chaturdasi

Rama Navami

Budding Explorers 2014


Strategic Planning of Summer Camp

Application of 16 principles of Leadership and Management

Summer Camp 2014 Writeup

Vision, Mission & Goals Of Summer Camp 2013


Feedback Form - For Parents

Feedback Form for Volunteers

Journal Keeper

Voucher for expenses incurred during Summer Camp 2013

Details about the Camp

Details about the Participants

Statement of Affairs of Expenditure

Summer Camp 2014 Materials

Collective Worhsip Book

Festival Activity Book

Festival and Camp Material

Summer Camp Material

Collective Worship Book Complete